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Export Licensing, Regulations and Training

Exports International, LLC is a full-service consulting firm specializing in export licensing and compliance. The licensing of exports and imports from and to the U.S. has become exceedingly complex. Anyone involved in exporting or importing goods knows this.

Exports International, LLC specializes in assisting companies to negotiate the often stressful waters of modern-day exporting and importing. At EIL we can help you with all aspects of licensing (and exemptions) for exports and imports: ITAR licensing via D-Trade, Commerce Department SNAP-R licensing, ITAR/EAR training seminars, customized training, compliance manuals, remediation of problematic past practices, and much more.

Ask us about building a customized export compliance training Website for your company, to aid initial and recurrent training, date/time-stamped testing, grading and certification of all your employees.

Our focus is to help companies efficiently export or import while staying in compliance with U.S. export regulations.