ITAR / EAR Training

Learning to do it right

[Note: "AeroSample, Inc." is a fictitious company. The document-download links are not live on this sample site. This is a sample Export-Compliance Training Website prepared by Exports International USA, LLC. We work with our clients to offer a version of this as an online training system, customized for the particular client and its products/services. An online intranet-based training system for employees like this is a core finding of the “Nunn-Wolfowitz Task Force Report: Industry ‘Best Practices’ Regarding Export Compliance Programs”. A key feature is that the employee online compliance tests are automatically graded, date/time stamped, and logged in the Empowered Official's records.]


AeroSample, Inc. -- Export Compliance Home Page

This intranet site contains the required training modules for AeroSamples, Inc. personnel. You can learn at your own pace. Questions can be addressed to the AeroSample export compliance officer, Mr. Hugh Compliance, at (541) 636-0525.

New employees are expected to master the ITAR Test material, within 2 weeks of hire date, sufficiently well to successfully pass the online Intro ITAR/EAR Test on this site. “ITAR” is the State Department’s International Traffic in Arms Regulations. This test also includes questions on rules from the Commerce Department’s Export Administration Regulations ("EAR"). These two agencies and their regulations govern all exports made by AeroSample.

Refresher training is available by studying these online materials, which are continually updated. Refresher classes are also offered occasionally.

Note: All new employees must take and pass the test shown on the Intro ITAR/EAR Test page.

Thereafter, each employee must pass an annual update exam, located in this section. Please coordinate with AeroSample’s compliance officer, Mr. Hugh Compliance, to gain access to the study guide and test for the annual update ITAR/EAR qualification.

And finally, you can always contact Mr. Compliance with any questions on export control, licensing, shipping, etc.